Drew Salaman has litigated more than a thousand commercial law cases ranging from simple disputes to complex litigation involving multinational corporations.

Mitigating Risk And Financial Loss For Your Business

Litigation is one of the least efficient means of resolving disputes. The costs of litigation can easily skyrocket, especially when litigating in a foreign jurisdiction.

At Salaman Law (A Professional Corporation) firm principal Drew Salaman understands just how important your bottom line is. Instead of assuming your matter requires litigation, Drew works to find the most efficient, viable and cost-effective solution to your issue.

An Attorney Who Understands The Process

Drew understands the burdens of discovery can disrupt your business operations, taking owners and decision makers away from the task at hand; running the business. Worse yet, the failure to coordinate litigation and maintain consistent legal positions can cost your company millions of dollars.This is why Drew offers more than just litigation representation. He will speak with you about your end goal and then will discuss your options. There may a solution or remedy that better aligns with your end goals than litigation. Drew has extensive experience in regards to collections matters.

Of course, some matters cannot be resolved through negotiation and require the intervention of the court. If these cases Drew is able and ready to move forward.

A Firm That Gets Resolution

Drew Salaman has the experience and skill your case needs. Turn to him for litigation and discovery, coordinating outside counsel and to ensure that your legal issue interferes as little as possible with your daily business operations.

For more information on the law office and the legal services Drew provides, please contact Drew to schedule a free initial consultation. You can also call 215-642-0731 and speak with someone today.