Drew Salaman has litigated more than a thousand commercial law cases ranging from simple disputes to complex litigation involving multinational corporations.

The Firm To Rely On When Your Judgment Goes Unpaid

Litigation can be exhausting, stressful and expensive. A judge can remove a significant burden from your shoulders when he or she enters a final judgment in your favor. Unfortunately, the final judgment provides only temporary relief when the opposing party fails to pay you the money you deserve.

Salaman Law (A Professional Corporation) is a law firm you can turn to for permanent relief. Attorney Drew Salaman has more than 40 years of experience and quite literally “wrote the book” on these matters. He authored several books published by the Pennsylvania Bar Institute. The legal community respects him as an authority on the subject of enforcement and collection of judgments, and he is often asked to speak at lectures held across the nation.

Based on Drew’s reputation and record of success, the city of Philadelphia recently entrusted the firm with the responsibility of collecting thousands of judgments that have gone unpaid for years.

Trust Your Issue To An Attorney With An Impressive Collection Record

Many disputes are resolved through civil litigation. A final judgment defines the obligations of each party moving forward, often involving a monetary award. The court does not ensure that each party meets its obligations. The reality is that some people take advantage of this situation and fail to pay the money owed to you. It is not easy to enforce your judgment without the assistance of an attorney.

Drew Salaman brings his extensive collections experience to bear on every case he takes on. He will work to resolve your matter efficiently and professionally. Over the past decades Drew has helped countless individuals and businesses collect more than $100 million owed under a wide variety of judgments and against many entities, including:

  • Personal injury awards for car accidents, slip and falls, or medical malpractice
  • Insurance companies
  • Taxicab medallions
  • Domestic relations orders, including spousal or child support arrears
  • Business debt and common stock
  • Matters involving liquor licenses
  • Interests due from trusts or decedents’ estates
  • Health insurance carrier billings
  • Unpaid workers’ compensation benefits or third-party awards

Are You Owed Money? Get Personalized Attention.

Work with an attorney who offers the small flexibility and attention you and your issue deserve. Get results and recover the money you are owed. Call attorney Drew Salaman at 215-642-0731or send a confidential email to get the ball rolling. Drew offers a free initial consultation so that you can discuss the details of your matter and find out what options are available.